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Welcome to Kotakyla

In the heart of North Karelia, in the shadow of the peaks of Juuka, where a silhouette of Koli is seen in skyline, deep in middle of wild is a lake. Its sandy beaches and rocks are reflected in clear and clean water, with the sounds of waterfowl and birds of forest in the peace of nature.

On the shores of the beautiful Lake Vaikkojarvi, there is a village, a place for relaxation, resting, enjoying nature and peace.

Information about village

In the area of 4 hectare is about ten huts, five of them forming a campsite. The rest of huts are set around giving peace for those seeking it.

Huts are 4-6 m in diameter. Each one has 3-5 beds cushioned with reindeer fur. In sheds there is campfire site and facilities for making coffee or tea.

There is beach suitable for swimming with one hut made as sauna. One can also rent ferry boat modified as sauna.


The long and slowly deepening sandy peach is well suited for children to swim. Kayaks, canoes, boats and fishing equipmnet are available.

There is a large hut for common use and a campfire site at the cape. The cooking hob has both a gas stove and a wood stove. Both cooking utensils and cutlery are available.

Prices, reservation, activities


25€ one day.

Price includes use of kitchen and kitchen/tableware and sauna. Price also includes permission to fishing, fishing rods and use of canoes.


Call +358 40 5715837 (Leila) or send mail by clicking here..


This place has possibilities for various activities.

Work ability- and work wellbeing days. Refreshment days for workgroups. Classes and training days. Woodcraft courses. Day of Father & Child. Day of the Family. Birthdays. Banchelor/banchelorette party. Wedding.

Contact us, lets make a event of your taste.


Vaikko, as whole area of Juuka, used to be huntingarea of Sami people.

More stories will be added later...

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Kotakylantie 197, 83900 JUUKA

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Call us: Keijo +358 400 571 058 or Leila +358 40 571 5837

Or send an email by clicking here..